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Welcome to the website for Bramble Bank Wood.

We have created this site to detail our experience of selecting and owning a woodland for conservation and for our young family to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy sharing our journey.

Who are we?

We are a family of four, consisting of Gemma, Gavin, Olivia and Tobias.

Why a woodland?

We both work full time and wanted to do something a little different and be outdoors at the weekends.

Gemma has always wanted to own a woodland and she looked in to it many years ago, back then the price of land was lower. 🙁 Move forward a few years, with marriage and a couple of children later, we now felt it was right to look again.

To date, it has taken us 6 months of searching and researching to ensure we make the right purchase for us and we are in the process of purchasing Bramble Bank Wood.

Why a website?

Whilst searching and researching we have found the majority of people purchasing woodlands are retirees and little information can be found on using woodland with children.

We have setup this site in order to document our journey and provide information to anyone who wishes to embark on a similar adventure in the future.