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Escaping after a hard day in the home office

The evenings are getting lighter and the need to escape the 4 walls during lockdown has not eased.

We’ve been thankful that during the entire pandemic we have managed to escape (when the rules allow) to the woods. Today is no exception.

Just being able to sit and watch/listen to the birds going about their business and preparing for spring is so relaxing. Most enjoyable of all (for me anyway), is to watch the buzzards on their evening hunt.

Buzzard overhead

With the occasional call, they effortlessly and silently glide through the air. Mostly this is just above eye level, which is a massive benefit of having a hillside woodland. The noisiest thing here, by far, are the children playing badminton in the clearing.

The only thing to do today, as we’ve finished the 9 to 5, is sit by the fire and just relax and unwind.