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Owning a woodland during a pandemic

So 2020 was quite a year and 2021 has started in much the same way…
The COVID pandemic hit and took the world by storm. Balancing home learning and our full time jobs, left little time for any updates and blog posts.

Thankfully owning a woodland allowed us to have somewhere to head in order to escape the usual four walls, give the kids space to run and play, and for us parents to attempt to relax and unwind.
In fact, the end of the first lockdown in 2020 saw us purchase a petrol generator. This meant the woodland could also be our office without the limit of battery time on laptops and the mobile hotspot.

With the third and hopefully final lockdown in the UK getting ready for gradual easing, it was a good time to share the joys we’ve had from our garden away from home and to let those who check back regularly see that we are still here.

We have some plans for 2021, these include reducing our footprint in the area we utilise the most. The shelter was not the most comfortable for us to squeeze into for an overnight camp. So we mainly used our folding camper. 🙂

Last year, we’d planned to erect a cover over the picnic table we’d rescued from a neighbours skip. But instead we are going to move it inside the shelter, which will be opened up by removing the walls, turning it into a canopy.

But back to 2020. We enjoyed days in the sun having time as a family, in fact we did very little woodland work in the 2nd half of the year and just enjoyed it. Playing Badminton and football with the kids in the clearing, building dens and cooking over open fires.

We’re hoping that this year will allow us to do more of the same. Enjoying time as a family and enjoying our wonderful little piece of the world.
We also aim to post more updates. 😀