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Rocket Stove

We’ve finally built one, and it works brilliantly.

The great thing about the design we chose, is that it contains pea shingle to give it a thermal mass. This means even after the fire is out, there is heat safely radiating from it.
We tested this in our folding camper, with the stove on a stone slab, and had a very comfortable evening.

The stove is made from:

  • 2.5l Metal Paint Tin
  • Large diameter can (1 large dog food can or 2 Pineapple ring tins**)
  • Small diameter can (baked bean tin)
  • Pea Gravel

The pictures show just how little wood you need to burn to make a coffee.
We’re going to make a couple more and may even put a video on our YouTube channel. 🙂