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Our Own Shop

Earlier we announced that you could shop for Bramble Bank items from our sister site

We decided earlier this month that it would be best to sell the Bramble Bank Wood merchandise and apparel directly. In light of this decision, we have created a shop right here, exclusively for our items.

We hope you enjoy following our journey.
All proceeds go back into managing this small piece of the English countryside.

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Rocket Stove

We’ve finally built one, and it works brilliantly.

The great thing about the design we chose, is that it contains pea shingle to give it a thermal mass. This means even after the fire is out, there is heat safely radiating from it.
We tested this in our folding camper, with the stove on a stone slab, and had a very comfortable evening.

The stove is made from:

  • 2.5l Metal Paint Tin
  • Large diameter can (1 large dog food can or 2 Pineapple ring tins**)
  • Small diameter can (baked bean tin)
  • Pea Gravel

The pictures show just how little wood you need to burn to make a coffee.
We’re going to make a couple more and may even put a video on our YouTube channel. 🙂