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We Bought A Camper

Camper at Night

Camping in the woods is great fun, but we cannot take them with us to go travelling, so over the past few years (well nearly 7 years) we’ve trialed a few things. First we went for a folding camper to join other family members and their caravan at various places around our home county. We loved the space this gave us, but it lacked a kitchen and bathroom. One morning our toddler woke us and told us he was cold, so the camper was on the market by the end of the day and we were looking to upgrade to a caravan.

We had a couple of years out of our caravan, that needed a trek across the UK to collect, but that’s not a story for this woodland blog. The upside was that our children were not cold at night and there was very little setup, but in the first of woodland ownership we couldn’t bring it to the woods. 🙁

After selling the caravan we went back to basics, a tent. We preferred to sleep in the shelter, after all the camp beds didn’t fit in the tent very easily and that meant sleeping on the floor. 🙂 It also didn’t take us long to realise that if we were to take it travelling we needed to buy so much more gear.

So in spring 2019 we thought about it again… Caravan or Folding Camper.
Well we loved the ease of a caravan, but it couldn’t come to the woods, but we loved the space of the folding camper, so that’s what we’ve bought.

  • Folding Camper and Awning
  • Folding Camper with Side Open
  • View From Camper
  • Camper at Night