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Our second passion

We’ve owned our little woodland now for a couple of years. We have cleared countless brambles from various areas and allowed numerous trees to flourish. We’d set out on day one to see how the woodland worked. We wanted to work with the natural balance and restore it to a healthy and lush state. So we are now preparing to put our plans into action and replant a number of native species.

However managing and maintaining anything, including a few acres of woodland needs a little funding.

So Gem and Gav have put works from their second passion (Art and Photography) into a small online store to help towards the running costs of this beautiful piece of England.

We hope you enjoy what we have on offer and take a look at our shop*. We will be adding to it periodically. Every purchase will help to add a little funding to support the purchase of trees and materials.
(*This will navigate you away from the Bramble Bank Wood main site, but we have provided a link to help you get back 🙂 )

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The Butterfly Man

This week saw the second visit from the butterfly man, or Ken as we got to know him as.

As a group of woodland owners we are keen to encourage our native wildlife to thrive in our surroundings. Our focus for this visit was the butterflies. We were keen to learn more about their habitat and especially what they eat, mainly grass it turns out 😊.

Ken had joined us to help identify the number of species that we have across the woodland as a whole. Following a few hours walking, the visit resulted in a count of 14 species including Red Admirals, Peacock and Common Whites.