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Bird Boxes

The snow over winter has reduced our 6ft high brambles to a little over ankle height in most places around the woodland.

So, to provide a little helping hand to our smaller feathered friends we are hanging bird boxes near areas that we observed birds nesting last year.

Olivia was delighted to hang the first of nine bird boxes.

To hang the boxes we have opted for nylon screws so as to not adversely damage the trees. A small whole is needed to be drilled, but we ensured we only went as deep as necessary to prevent damage to the core wood.

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The Woodsman Stove

After a year of ownership of Bramble Bank Wood it is time to introduce a dedicated stove, both for added safety with the fire and children but also for efficient burning of our small amount of timber. Gem has always wanted one of these and Christmas presented the perfect opportunity to get one. 🙂

I chose the Bushcraft Woodsman Stove from it has a decent sized cooking area as well as a handy pan/kettle stand on either side. The large flat cooking surface also allows for the addition of either a mini oven accessory or water tank.  (Both of which we are yet to try)