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Shelter Mk4

Its been nearly a year (well, 10 months)  since we received our key and completed on Bramble Bank Wood. In that time we have built 3 shelters to keep us and our gear out of the elements.

Well, the tarp is beginning to show signs of wear ‘n’ tear on shelter mk3 so we’ve decided to follow suit of our woodland neighbours and erect something a little more formal.

The rules prevent us from erecting a shed or other 4 sided building, so shelter mk4 continues to follow our simplistic shelter roots, but this time with more durable materials. Out goes the green plastic tarpaulin for a roof and in comes green bitumen sheets.

After a day of construction last weekend its time to test out the new structure, with our first wild camp. That’s right its October and we’ve ditched the tent and brought in camp beds. 🙂