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Shelter Mk4

Its been nearly a year (well, 10 months)  since we received our key and completed on Bramble Bank Wood. In that time we have built 3 shelters to keep us and our gear out of the elements.

Well, the tarp is beginning to show signs of wear ‘n’ tear on shelter mk3 so we’ve decided to follow suit of our woodland neighbours and erect something a little more formal.

The rules prevent us from erecting a shed or other 4 sided building, so shelter mk4 continues to follow our simplistic shelter roots, but this time with more durable materials. Out goes the green plastic tarpaulin for a roof and in comes green bitumen sheets.

After a day of construction last weekend its time to test out the new structure, with our first wild camp. That’s right its October and we’ve ditched the tent and brought in camp beds. 🙂

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Forest Cam

For a while Gav has wanted to buy a new gadget for use in the woodland, so forest cam has arrived in bramble bank wood.

Setup for a trial run and in an attempt to see who or what has been eating the birdseed in the storage shelter we managed to capture the following:

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Camping @ Daisy Wood

We’ve been invited by Richard to camp at Daisy Wood, which is located both at the other end and the far side of the overall woodland.

Two approaches to camping have been taken for tonight. Ours to pitch the 4 man tent and Richard’s to put up the tarpaulin and place a few camp beds beneath (proper wild camping).

Tobias wanted a go at wild camping, that lasted all of 10 minutes and he was soon delivered to the tent. 🙂

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Camping Adventures

Since receiving the key in December last year we’ve wanted to give the kids a new adventure, camping in a tent. Well they’ve stayed in a trailer tent and they love staying in nanny’s caravan, but never on the ground and under canvas. But first we needed to do a little shopping, mainly for a tent.

We went for the Freedom Trail Sendero 4 Family Tent which sleeps 4 comfortably and has a large porch area for storage. We also got 4 Cirro Single Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat to add a little comfort overnight.

I can report that the kids had a great time and we all cannot wait to camp again.

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As we have now caught the building bug we decided to start work on a toilet. We have a small neglected area of hazel coppice that we would like to bring back in to rotation. In order to do this we need to cut some down providing us with usable building material.

Today I also plan on teaching the kids how to light a fire with fire steel.

Gav took down 3 hazel stems, not sure of the technical term but the 1 tree has about 30 of them growing out of the some only a cm wide but others up to 2 inches.