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But its blue

Something for the kids to play with, at last, we have been promising the kids that we would build them swings but we always ran out of time.

Something for the adults to play with – Chainsaw.

Today was dedicated to getting the swing made and tested. This will give the kids something else to do when we are working. We looked in to how to rig up a swing as we don’t have any branches that we could use.

Did you know that if you, or a squirrel, make a ring in the bark of a tree it will die? We had two options 1) baton the tree then tie the wooden post around this or 2) stick a nail in the tree, we researched the two options and surprisingly, as long as you use the right nails e.g. not copper, the nail option is best.

1st we needed a location for the swing. We went for one directly in the entrance we had two trees a good distance apart and the location was close to the cooking area and the car.

Within a few hours we had two tire swings and a rope swing, this would have taken longer without the chainsaw. The only thing is the rope we could get needed to be hard wearing and so it’s the blue stuff.

While working on this I lit the rocket stove and we had hot chocolate and stew to keep us warm. Gav made sure he tested the swings first purely for safety reasons of course.

With the off cuts of wood, and with the new power tool to play with,Gav made me a seat.