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Gemma buys herself a gift from Gav

India said 1 thing to me that took a while for me to agree with ‘get a chainsaw’. I worried with having two kids and not having had any training yet that it would be the right move.  That and we want to plant trees not cut them down, but India said you need to look at a tree and see if it alive or living. A tree that has been felled can still produce buds and even leaves, in the correct conditions, but that felled tree is not living.

Rotten Tree

We have a very large tree that is rotten through, it had leaves but it is not living and it is not safe. The tree will provide us with useful building material and fire wood and we will replant 10 trees to replace it. We need to take it down as it will fall and when it does it will damage many other trees.

The tree is very large but as it is dangerous we do not need a felling licence.



eBay | Titan Petrol Chainsaw

The chainsaw I went for is a Titan, after reading reviews this chainsaw is small and light weight. The chainsaw comes with a safety cover over the teeth and a hand guard. It also self-oils and is supplied with a spare chain.
Even though this is a two stroke, like the brush cutter, you need to check the mix of fuel.

One additional benefit is the vibration buffer it has.