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I phone the Solicitors every week to try to ensure we complete before the 16th December, for 2 reasons, 1) we are off to Disney Land Paris for Christmas 2) will pay towards our Solicitors bill. Gav and I are very impressed at the support give both in terms of information e.g. and funding.

This weekend is about cooking on an open fire and making a couple of temporary benches from the small tree we felled earlier.

We tried two different ways to elevating the bench off the ground as this keeps the wood dry and makes it more comfortable.

The first is by placing the wood on two car tires, this makes the bench springy and is quite comfortable but it would be better with a flat surface.

The second was to cut the ends off the felled tree and use them as legs. Gav spent a while pegging and tying this bench together. Tobias fell off of it and when Gav sat down to show Tobias how it is done the entire thing collapsed under his weight.

All in all a good day we have 1 bench and a balance beam for the kids. Lol