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We were planning on getting some help with clearing the brambles so started to look in to insurance. It pays to shop around and also compare cover. One company was just going to charge me the minimum £340 flat fee but it did have 5-million-pound cover. A second company was only going to charge me £158.80 but that only insured up to 1-million-pounds.

I was told that I would have to have employer’s liability cover as the law states if I instruct someone to carry out a task in a specific way I become their employer even if they are not being paid.

I went for as it had 5-million-pound limit and free employer’s liability cover of 10 million, all for £154 including tax and admin fee. The website looks a bit strange as they insure entertainment venues but I got the information off the woodland website. After talking to Gary you can tailor the insurance to what you need. The type of questions were:

  • Will you be using a chainsaw
  • Will you be shooting
  • Will the area be open to the public etc etc.

If you know who your woodland neighbours are and will be using the land in a similar way I would suggest looking to get join insurance as I believe the value we are paying is the minimum and covers up to 10 acres.